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Keren & David

Erika deserves a million stars if possible. From the engagement shoot to our wedding, nothing about the night would have been the same if her and Stefan weren’t there. They were incredibly fun to work with, very responsive and understood and met all of my needs. They made the night so much more personable and memorable with their amazing personalities. She is so talented and creative, I was amazed at the different shots she put together. I’m so grateful we clicked so well and it helped loosen us up in the photos. I would highly recommend hiring Erika for weddings, engagement shoots, or anything else because she is so talented. Thank you so much again for helping us and giving us a night we will always remember!

Kaila & Sean

Hire her!!!!

SHE’S IT! I can remember searching through wedding wire and thumbtack then moving to scrolling through instagrams of photographers for days and hours on end. Trust me when I say, you’ve found your photographer! 

Starting months before my wedding, Erika asked all the right questions to prepare for my big day. She promptly answered any questions I had and she is so personable that I never minded emailing or texting her my million questions. I even made a shared Google doc for my “brain dump” I’d add to at all hours of the night and she was totally on board with that. 

The day of, she came at 9a and stayed until 1030pm until I had to tell her to go home! She came early and scoped out the entire venue for the best photo spots- which I thought would have been obvious but nope, she found spots I wouldn’t have even imagined! She is so creative and her pictures are a piece of art. 

I always feel so awkward taking photos, but with Erika’s sense of humor and her professional coaching (i.e. back straight, hand here, tilt head, look here) she made every photo look so natural and made it so much fun in the process. FOR EXAMPLE! After my hair and makeup I had a couple minutes and was on my second, okay maybe third…, slice of pizza and Erika says “Wanna have some fun?” I knew Erika for a total of 2 hours that day, but already knew I’d love whatever she was about to create- which was a hilarious photo sesh of me eating pizza in my white robe, water falls in the background, in a vintage chair. I was dying laughing the entire time and the pictures came out awesome! 

One thing I never realized about hiring a photographer is the organization and dictating skills they MUST have! We had a large wedding party-with me and my husband, there were 20 OF US and then of course children. Try to imagine getting a rowdy group of excited girls and nonnn stoppppp joking guys to get in position and hold still for a photo. It’s not easy, but Erika could totally read the room and knew when it was okay to tell everyone to shut up and hold still hahaha LOVE HER! Also worth mentioning, is that Erika worked well with the videographer with communicating and sharing moments they both would like to capture.

I don’t know how she did it, but Erika and her assistant Stefan (LOVE HIM TOO) captured EVERY MOMENT OF OUR DAY! The day went by so unbelievably fast that there was so much I didn’t see or even remember- me dancing with my uncle, grandparents dancing, family laughing, cousin falling out of his chair, brothers combing their mullets (hahah), and soo much more! I truly appreciate all the photos of our friends and family. Every time I see someone now (and it’s been months) one of the first things they say is how awesome the photos were- and they’re not even talking about the beautiful portraits, they’re referring to all those captured moments throughout the day. 

I was worried when I heard there would be an assistant photographer because I was nervous the pictures would be of lesser quality, but Erika’s assistant, Stefan, was so much fun to work with. The guys loved him the moment he said pitter patter. Stefan was personable, professional, had a great sense of humor, and his pictures also came out beautiful! They both do amazing work!

My husband and I both agree our day would not have been the same without them there. Besides the laughter and comfortability they brought to our day, they became friends we follow on Instagram and hope to see again soon. Erika helped me with my jewelry, my dress, and we even got a bit personal with making sure my “bussom” was in proper place hahah. 

Erika started sending photos to us just a week after and we had them all just within several weeks! She uploaded them to Google Drive which made it very easy to select the ones we wanted to share with family and friends. The pictures are so beautiful I’ll definitely be ordering prints through Erika because I could just look at these photos all day.

The next time an opportunity arises for photographs, we wouldn’t call anyone else! I highly recommend you hire her. You will get much more than “just” great photographs. I can look at my photos and remember how comfortable I was in those moments and many where I busted out laughing after. 

Megan & Mike

Brilliant and talented

Anyone can take pictures, but most can’t make art. Erika is talented, professional, and makes the experience fun.

Nancy & Paul

Thoughtful and flexible in adjusting to changing conditions! 

We're delighted to recommend Erika! Her photographs are beautiful and she was so thoughtful about working with us in and tackling challenging weather conditions to ensure a comprehensive collection of high quality photographs of our family and wedding. Erika (and her team) are professionals! She went above and beyond the call of duty to capture important moments -- and work with us to reflect our personal style. In short, artistic, professional, reliable, and a joy to work with!

Emily & Aaron

We found out at the last minute that Erika would be the second shooter at our wedding. She was INCREDIBLE! By the end of the night, I was asking her to join us dancing because it seemed like she was a longtime friend. Funny, professional, and amazing photos! Hire Erika and you won't be disappointed.

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